The Vitalenty Lead360 is one of the most comprehensive leadership 360 assessments available in the world. The goal of this report is to provide the leader with valuable feedback on four main sections. The Vitalenty Lead360 is an organizational tool to help leaders become more effective by increasing their self-awareness. It works on the principle of multi-rater feedback and gives the leader two perceptions of how he or she leads: the leader’s perception, and how others see the leader.

This multi-rater feedback process is designed to assist the leader in their professional development. When used effectively, the survey can encourage honest communication between the leader and their colleagues, helping them identify their professional strengths and developmental opportunities, and establish a quantitative baseline that will allow them to assess their progress. It will also allow them the opportunity to improve their skills by being more aware of others' perceptions and observations of their leadership performance.

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The information is collated and presented in 4 main sections:

The v-Lead360 model consist of six clusters, and 18 competencies that relate to leadership

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