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Talent conversations play an integral role in influencing employees to be more engaged, and to improve their performance and development. But, only if these conversations happens often enough and is structured in such a way that managers can competently have talent conversations with their employees. 

Managers are in the best position to positively influence and develop talent within their organisations. However, they can also shut your talent down if not managed appropriately. One of the most effective ways to develop talent: do the talent conversation right, or as we like to call it, "Do the TalenTalk!"

A TalenTalk builds a relationship that allows managers to influence others toward improved performance, development and positive outcomes. 

The TalenTalk Model

Setting it up for success

The key in any talent conversation initiative is in the setup phase. During the setup phase, we help our clients with the alignment of the TalenTalk model to their Talent Strategy and Talent Objectives. This is important to ensure that the talent conversations between the manager and employee are structured and aligned, and most importantly, the conversation is consistent across the organisation.

Communication is critical for success

The TalenTalk process and outcomes must be communicated clearly to everyone in the business. Expectations must be clearly communicated to ensure employees sees the importance of this process and can trust that the outcomes of this will be for their benefit and to develop talent within the organisation. 

It's not a performance appraisal session, but a performance enablement conversation

Although the TalenTalk model can be used as part of the performance discussion, the intention is to enable a conversation to develop employees. Employees must have the confidence to talk to their manager about their performance and how to improve it, and not fear the outcome as a performance disciplinary process. 

10% Past Performance and 90% Future Performance

The TalenTalk session is about the future of the organisation and its employees. Talent identification and development is about future performance, and that’s what the TalenTalk model motivates. 

Technology Driven

TalenTalk is technology driven to ensure the process flows efficiently without any real manual or administrative burden on the HR department of the managers involved. With an online platform fully customised for each client and their requirements, makes TalenTalk the easiest Talent Conversation tool to use in the market. 

TalenTalk sets the foundation for Performance Enablement and Succession Planning

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