Cognitive tests are designed to measure work-related cognitive capacity and abilities. The concept behind these tests is that each test question has only one correct answer, and everyone can correctly solve all the test questions. The only difference between people is in how quickly they can correctly complete the test (i.e. answer all the test questions). That’s why these tests are always timed.

These tests measure what psychologists refer to as your fluid and crystallised intelligence. The theory of fluid and crystallised intelligence suggests that people’s intelligence is composed of a number of different abilities that interact and work together to produce overall individual intelligence.

Our cognitive assessment offering:

Levels of Work Assessments based on the Stratified Systems Theory (SST)

A measurement of cognitive capabilities and reports the participant’s potential to perform on various levels of complexity.

We offer the following Levels of Work Assessments

  • Career Path Appreciation (CPA)
  • Cognitive Process Profile (CPP)

Learning Agility Profile (LAP)

A measurement of the participants potential and speed to learn new information and adapt to changing situations

Skills Assessments

A battery of skills assessments measuring verbal and numerical skills, accuracy skills, mechanical reasoning skills, and driving skills

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