Leadership Profiling

Leadership Profiling

Have you already identified your leadership potential? That is what FLIGBY is designed for.

FLIGBY is an exciting Game in which the player has to make 150+ decisions, applying the key ideas embodied in Csikszentmihalyi’s Flow concept and Flow-related value system. During the Game, the player receives continuous, individually tailored feedback, designed to guide her or him toward Flow-based managerial practices.

The Game creates an environment that offers a new type of platform for observing management behaviour. The player gets totally absorbed into the story indicated by the fact that the global average actual playing time is 7.5 hours. Since the player is completely unaware of how his or her decisions might affect the skill scores, the player unwittingly reveals his or her real self. This approach to testing skills is non-intrusive. In playing FLIGBY, each player can and will behave like he/she would in similar situations in real life; being true to himself/herself.

FLIGBY has a sophisticated leadership profiling mechanism: it measures 29 management/leadership competences. At the Game’s end, FLIGBY’s Master Analytics Profiler provides an individual report to each player on his/her skillset, with a range of benchmarking options available.

It is important to stress that approximately 25 of the 29 skills are by and large those that can be found in most theoretical and empirical descriptions of what leadership is about, along with the skill-classification systems that often accompany those theories and descriptions. This, of course, is what one would expect as a matter of course. Generating Flow is not something that is apart from those well-known practices that good managers/leaders are expected to follow as a matter of course.

In terms of managerial-leadership skills, the modest contribution of the FLIGBY-leadership-competency-skillset is adding four competencies that other classifications tend to emphasize less – or define somewhat differently than we do — but which are also important, along with the many standard leadership competencies, in helping to generate Flow.

The newly-emphasized skills are:
  • Balancing skill;
  • Feedback;
  • Applying personal strengths;
  • Strategic thinking.
This makes the Game an innovative leadership profiling and management development tool.
FLIGBY’s “Galaxy of feedback types”:
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